Friday, 11 October 2013

Alternative Investments: Increased Oil Supply in the United States Brightens Prospects of Investing in Oil

Saefong elaborates that the increased oil supply can strengthen the investment potential of oil drilling projects in the country. Take, for example, the oil drilling projects in Illinois being marketed by such firms as Emerald Knight. Environmentally-friendly oil drilling has, in fact, been considered as one of the company's most profitable alternative investments given that it offers considerable tax benefits, while promising carbon neutral exploration and production. The article also mentions that if the oil supply boom is sustained within the next six to eight months, it will likely result in a considerable rate of return for U.S. equity markets. Traditionally, an individual who wishes to build an oil investment portfolio will need to purchase shares of stock from oil and service companies. These days, you simply need to go through a company listing of the industry or turn to alternative investment marketers like Emerald Knight.

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