Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Reasons to Make Bamboo Investments With Emerald Knight Consultants

Emerald Knight Bamboo Investments and Why They are Worth Taking

It seems that in every article about ethical investments and in every news story about companies that attempt to reduce greenhouse emissions, you’ll find the words “carbon credits.” Carbon credits through ethical investment ventures, such as Emerald Knight bamboo investment, are aimed at negating the harmful effects of carbon-intensive activities. Below is a definition of carbon credits and how they work.

Carbon credits are a rigidly regulated medium of exchange used to neutralize or offset carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from industrial activity. One carbon credit gives a company the right to emit one metric ton of CO2, or the equivalent mass of another greenhouse gas. They generally come in two types: voluntary and mandatory.

Under the voluntary market, the money used to purchase carbon credits is used to fund projects around the world that aim to absorb or eliminate an amount of carbon dioxide gas equivalent to the amount emitted. An Emerald Knight bamboo investment is a good example of this type of carbon credit expenditure. As bamboo is known to absorb twice as much carbon dioxide as common trees, bamboo plantations are at the top of the list of ethical investments.

In the case of mandatory carbon credits, a value is placed on carbon emissions to induce the company to engage in less carbon-intensive activities. Companies that produce less carbon enjoy additional income when they sell their rights to produce CO2 emissions to those that produce it excessively, and are in need of more credits to continue operations. This way, emissions become an equally important business cost as materials and labor.

Companies that make an effort to reduce their carbon emissions by creating carbon neutral products, purchasing carbon credits, and selling carbon offsets to other companies may be perceived by consumers as entities that genuinely care for the planet. This can be very effective as a corporate communication and marketing tool. The more people you make aware of your green efforts, the more customers you’re likely to attract, as people tend to patronize socially responsible businesses.

So as an investment, purchasing carbon credits offers a twofold advantage: it allows you to contribute to saving the environment, and it brings in higher profits. Of course, you have to spend put out serious money to earn these advantages, but for sure, carbon credits are investments worth making.

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