Friday, 24 May 2013

Make a Bamboo Plantation Investment through Emerald Knight

Emerald Knight Bamboo: Your Money Can Help Save the World.

Botanically classified as a grass and not a tree, bamboo is largely considered as among the world’s most sustainable resources. It is a fast growing grass that can reach maturity easily and can be harvested after a few years after planting. Bamboo is notably prolific, robustly sprouting new shoots every year. Most species are valued for their varied uses as food, clothing, medicine, paper, decor, and construction, among others. These advantages are what make Emerald Knight Bamboo projects an investment worth considering. More about bamboo;

How fast does bamboo grow?

Bamboo plants typically have an extensive root system that sends out four to six new shoots per year to propagate. It naturally replenishes itself, and grows rapidly to heights of 60 feet or more. Some bamboo species can grow up to four feet per day and can be harvested every three to four years.

What are its different uses?

Bamboo has been in use for centuries in the production of hand-made paper in Asia. It is also widely used in the construction of suspension bridges, scaffolding, and in building homes. Craftsmen use bamboo to create furniture with distinct styles. Recently, it has been touted as the latest and hottest in sustainable eco-fabric. These examples are only a small fraction of the seemingly infinite uses of bamboo.

Where are the bamboo plantations located?

Emerald Knight bamboo plantation projects are mainly located in South America and Africa. These plantations are capable of removing around five times more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than similar-sized plots of other trees. Aside from the benefit of the thriving plantations to the environment, the harvested product, itself, is valuable, and provides good return on investment.

How profitable is bamboo?

With its high productivity and exceptional green credentials, bamboo is set to become the world’s primary timber source. The market for bamboo worldwide is expected to reach $20 billion within the next four years alone. With even the most conservative forecasts, you can benefit from 20% annual return of investment. Independent market studies, however, believe that returns could and should greatly exceed this.

Indeed, bamboo offers thriving growth in lucrative investments. Nonetheless, do thorough research on the industry to know what to expect, and discuss your options with your preferred investment company before you make your move.

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