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Emerald Knight Bamboo Investment Can Help Stop Deforestation

Emerald Knight Bamboo Investment Can Help Stop Deforestation

National Geographic reports that huge parts of the world's remaining forests are being shaved clean every year. If this keeps up, the next century may feature a world with no trees to; secure soil against floods, replenish oxygen supply, or protect the wildlife. Stopping the alarming rate of deforestation is now a major priority among various environmental programs all over the world.

The timber market's supply, however, may soon dwindle dangerously with stricter logging policies. By cutting less trees the market is at risk of not keeping up with demand for wood products like furniture and roofing materials. Fortunately, there are alternative wood sources like the fast-growth bamboo. Growing equally steadily in terms of profitability for the past few years are financial ventures like the Emerald Knight Bamboo investment. Read on to understand how bamboo is a solution both to deforestation and the lumber supply issue.

In a paper by Claudio Torres-Nachon, research associate at the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law, aptly defining “deforestation” and “forest degradation” presents a basis for what constitutes as good or bad for the environment. Deforestation is a general term that can either refer to conversion of land for agricultural or urbanization, or a result of unsustainable logging practices.

Environmental expert Jean-Paul Lanly, in his paper submitted to the 12th World Forestry Congress in Quebec in 2003, also agrees on a distinct difference. As long as the area affected can be guaranteed of natural regeneration (e.g. planting seedlings), it can't be considered as deforestation. Furthermore, there can be no degeneration with sustainable practices.

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There can be no loss if every tree felled is replaced by seedlings (ten seedlings for every tree is the sustainable average). In the case of bamboo, its rapid growth rate of 1.2 meters a day can help an entire bamboo forest reach maturity in around four to six years. This means more air to breathe, enough timber to go around and, consequently, profit.

The benefits of bamboo make money ventures like the Emerald Knight bamboo investment a prime opportunity for people who want to profit substantially and more securely from their financial assets while making a contribution to Mother Earth's sustainability.

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