Thursday, 15 August 2013

Where Credit is Due: On Emerald Knight Bamboo Investment Opportunities

Where Credit is Due: On Opportunities Like Emerald Knight Bamboo Investments

Years ago, the Earth had bountiful resources—and for millions of years a balanced ecosystem allowed us to enjoy clean, fresh, 100% breathable air; rivers, oceans, and seas teeming with life; pristine forests, and so many more God-given treasures. Over the most recent decades, however, we’ve abused our natural resources horribly, paying no heed to warnings that the continued creation of waste products, over-logging and deforestation, improper trash disposal, and deterioration of air quality, among other things, would ultimately lead to the earth’s demise.

Today, more people are coming into the awareness—environmentalists will claim a little too late—that there’s a need to truly address the sustainability of our resources. A tall order, no doubt, given how far our world has deteriorated. Are we facing a lost cause, we ask? Not if we all act, and act now, to help save the environment. Choose to participate in various ecological efforts designed to replenish or restore the Earth or, alternatively, if you can’t commit yourself physically to a cause, you can make a difference in several other ways. One good way to do your part is to explore investments in carbon credits, which are rooted in environmental projects, such as reforestation of bamboo by Emerald Knight.

A carbon credit is a transferable financial device—each credit counts for a specific amount of carbon emissions. Simply put, manufacturers need carbon credits in order for them to legally emit carbon waste. Producers will be penalized (or even put out of business) if they can't secure enough carbon credits to offset their pollution.

These might appear as mere certifications, but carbon credits can't just be handed out so easily. Every credit stands for a reforestation effort that represents the very amount of carbon the permits carry. The premise behind this is that trees are needed in order to counteract the emissions of factories, so quantifying carbon hopes to balance the numbers between trees and pollutants they absorb from the air.

The trees can't plant themselves, of course; Emerald Knight bamboo projects and other similar efforts need the funding of investors to get things started. Organizations planting forests for credits need to purchase the seeds or saplings required, as well as any tools or fertilizers necessary to grow the plants. Investors won't just help the Earth with their support, but they'll also earn back their investments by taking a cut of the sales of the credits.

The Earth can only yield so many resources, and some day they'll all run out. It's up to mankind to take responsibility for his actions and rectify his own mistakes. You can start restoring balance to nature by investing in a bamboo reforestation project today.

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